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Facebook Poster is a powerfull free tool for posting to all your facebook groups and Fanpages automatically. Promote anything on Facebook and drive traffic with our Facebook Poster and Scheduler.

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Facebook Auto Poster Features


Facebook Poster helps you to understand what you are posting and how much you have posted on Facebook and your all activity will be visible in one place.

Schedule and Relax

Our facebook group poster schedule your post and shut down your computer and our Facebook Poster will work for you Day and Night without your further interaction.No need to keep your computer turned on anymore.Let our poster do the work for you.

Go Viral with autolike

Our Facebook Poster will also help you to get likes on the posts that you have published using our facebook post scheduler and once you have scheduled then you can do likes and comments on your posts inside our app.

Post in One Click

Post in unlimited Facebook groups, Facebook Fan pages and also to your timeline at just one click. Yes, at one click your message will be delivered to thousands of groups and fan pages that you have joined. Our unique system makes your account safe and free from facebook jail.

100% Free Facebook Poster

Why pay when you are getting everything for free. Yes, that’s right our Facebook poster will always be free and remain free till Internet World is alive for posting on facebook.

Manage Groups and Fanpages

Our poster will let you categorize the groups and Company Fan pages according to your need so that you can post the perfect message to perfect groups and company Facebook pages hence it will reach to your required members.

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How Our Facebook Poster Work
Facebook auto poster is the new tool which allows you to promote your message to different groups and Facebook Fan Pages with our facebook page app poster. The Facebook poster also will enable you to post Products to Facebook Sales groups.

How to work with facebook poster maker?
You need to compose your post and save the post then schedule the message and select the groups. We will take your post and submit to the groups that you have joined or you are the owner of the groups.

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Facebook Multi Page/Group Poster

You can make your social media marketing skyrocket and improve your ranking and ultimately the overall impression.

100% Free Poster

Post Unlimited Messages To Facebook Fan Pages

Post to Company Fan Pages

Facebook poster is not only a group poster but also a Facebook Company Fanpage poster.

Schedule Posts

Facebook Poster will help you to schedule your post to thousands of Fan pages that you have liked.

Grow your Business

Facebook Poster is like post it online where you will be able to post your message to all the groups online without downloading anything.

Effective Marketing

Take the advantage of this poster to get higher reach than other marketing company and get the more visibility than others.

Why our App is

Best Facebook Auto Poster

Auto Groups Joining and Inviting
Auto Posting
Auto Like
Auto Comment

Seed money optimized for social sharing chatvertizing brand awareness granular thought leadership. Engagement tweens native content drone.

Everything on The Cloud

We hate to provide downloads as now everyone is having internet access and Facebook is not downloadable so likewise our tool runs over the Cloud and give you amazing experience without having to download our app.

Fastest Poster Ever

Our tool always ready to work and help you to deliver your message to Facebook Groups that you have joined already. Facebook Poster automatically posts all scheduled posts at their set time even when you are offline. Everything runs on our servers.

Monitor What is Posting

In our Facebook Poster you will get the detailed view logs to see what is being posted and the progress of your scheduled posts.

Drive Traffic to Your Page

Sharing on the Groups and Fanpage not only increase social awareness but also it increases your website’s traffic and delivers the customer to your services or products.

Deliver your message to Thousands of Groups that you have joined and make your brand viral.

Learn why our poster tool is best for Joining the Groups and Inviting your friends to the Groups.

Join Perfect Groups

You can search the exact Facebook Groups where you want to join so just search the groups and schedule the Joining request. Once you set, our tool will start automatically sending Joining request to the groups that you want to join.

Iniviting to The Groups

You can now invite your friends to join the groups easily and once you schedule the Inviting request, your chosen friends will join the groups that you want them to join.

Schedule Features lets you close your browser and no need to keep your browser open. Our poster is always supported with a unique engine to perform the action while you are offline on our website.

Why type and post separately when you can post automatically.Yes our poster tool is being developed in order to make your work easy and effectively without putting extra effort.

Post to The Groups

You are having two option to post in the Groups

Post instantly
Schedule your posts
Our tool will do the work for you automatically.

Post to Fan Pages

Our poster not only posts in groups but also post in Fan pages that you liked.

Just select the pages where you want to post and our tool will post your message to the Fan Pages.

Our amazing poster always ready to post your message in Facebook groups or Fan pages easily to help you post fast.

Give some thumbs up to your posted messages so that members can see the reaction on your post and give valuable comment.

Get Your Posts Auto Like

Now your scheduled posts will be auto liked once you schedule the Auto Like function. Just goto the schedule logs and click on Auto Like thumbs up button and schedule the likes on your Posts.

Wait for few moments to complete and you will see all of your posts are being liked already.

Our tool will do the work for auto liking your posts based on your scheduled time.

Likes make your posts viral on Facebook and gain attention towards the Facebook users.

Making comments on the groups help you to bring your post up in the groups and increase the visibility of your message.

Auto Comment on Posts

You can also schedule the comments in our poster tool and help your post to regain the lost visibility in Facebook groups.

Auto Comment can be scheduled to make the comments on your scheduled posts.

Auto Comment help your message to get more exposed by making your post up in the groups and get it viral.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about our Facebook Poster

Why use Facebook auto poster ?

Our Facebook Poster system is being developed to provide you the ease of access to the Facebook Communication for messaging to several groups, fan pages also on your timeline in one click. You don’t have to compose each message several times and then post on the groups separately or in fan pages every time, as our Facebook Poster system will do this work for you. Just set up the message and choose the groups, fan pages, and your timeline, now click on Send. Your message will be posted to everywhere you have selected.

Will I have to pay for using Facebook Poster ?

Facebook Poster is free for LifeTime use and there are no hidden charges but if you are trying to post unlimited and add unlimited accounts then you need to pay us in order to make our server upgrade and make more effective speed delivery.

How to upgrade my account for free ?

In order to upgrade your Account, you need to fill up the form and process the payment.

How to be safe on Facebook ?

We do suggest 10 minutes or 600 seconds for the interval, Generally, we do not mention the best interval time for the posting message as we are not the authorized Facebook person, but keeping the interval at 10 minutes or more is best. Remember you are not allowed to post more than 30 groups a day or 30 Groups join a Day, else your account will be blocked.You can also read our Safety Guidelines for posting at Facebook.

Do I need to create app for posting to the groups ?

Our Facebook Poster and Scheduler built-in app will help you to publish your message to Fanpages and Groups , Your Own Timeline, and Fanpages so you don’t have to build own Facebook App.
Our apps are always updated with Facebook guidelines so you don’t have to worry about building own app.

How to import more groups than 500 Groups ?

You need to change the value from 500 to maximum you want in the Facebook Settings page inside Facebook Poster.If you are not able to find groups then here is our tutorial to load and refresh the groups.

How to Upload Image and Video ?

In order to provide better service, we have limited the functionality to the new users. In order to upgrade and upload images or videos, you need to mail us at so that we can verify your account. Send mail with your original mail id and mention the username you use to login to our Facebook Multiposter. Here is a small tutorial which helps you to upload the image and for video check this tutorial to upload your video.

How to Refresh Groups and Fanpages for my Facebook Account ?

To refresh your list of groups/pages, update your facebook account from the settings page.
Settings Page
Facebook Accounts
Click on the Green Update button
If required , poster will ask the logins again and once you login it will update the groups.

What is Unique Post and Unique Link ?

You can use the unique post option for the posting.
Unique Id will be the date n time stamp below post.
Unique link, do not use it as it will create random link URL which will make the visitor to 404 error page.

Error Validating Access Token Error 200

You need to Re-authenticate the app for generating new access token as the token gets expired. So go to Facebook Account Setting in Multiposter and Remove your account and add the Facebook Account again. Always authenticate Facebook For iPhone.You can find additional help on our support page regarding this matter.

Insufficient Permission to post Error 200

Some Facebook third-party apps and a personal Facebook app can post on Open groups only
If you get this error message on Open group you must use your own app, re-authenticate your app
There are several reasons explained below :
You need to make the app access to PUBLIC  else your app can’t post in the group’s goto https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications , find the app which you are using for the posting and then edit the app and change the permission to PUBLIC.
1. You or Members are not allowed to post on the Groups except the Group Admins .
2. You have authenticated the app which does not allow posting to the groups so change to another Facebook by going to the Facebook App Settings in the Multiposter.
3. You Should set your app to public as shown below
Facebook has blocked you in posting to the groups, check whether you are able to post on the groups or not, we are not the Facebook people so we can’t help you if your account is being blocked. Contact Facebook Support for requesting them to Unblock your account. Follow the Random message technique and keep a longer interval of posting to keep your Account safe.

Which Group and Fanpages are allowed to post ?

You can only post to the groups where you have joined. Each group is having own permission system they are explained below :
Some Group Admins do not allow members to post on their group.
Some Group Admins need to approve your post before they appear in the group.
Some Group Admins allow members to post without moderating member’s post.
Check where you can post inside the groups.

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