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No Installation is Needed Just Extract the Zip File and Run the App

Facebook Desktop App Features

Why Our Facebook Poster Desktop App Is Best ?

  • Direct Facebook Login
  • Schedule posts to anywhere
  • Tag friends to a post randomly
  • Bump your posts in groups
  • Lifetime Support
  • Searching groups and Join
  • Send mass private message
  • RANDOM/SPIN Your Message
  • Mass Invite Friend To Like Page
  • Auto Reply Private Message
  • Auto interaction on Timeline
  • Schedule joining to groups
  • Unlimited Facebook Accounts
  • Send Sale Post to Groups
  • Filter Groups by Details
  • Auto Poke friend
  • Auto Wish Happy Birthday
  • Searching Page/Groups Details
  • Auto reply to comments
  • Auto accept friend requests
  • Fetching Friends Data
  • Extract and Play Software
  • Mass invite friends to group
  • Post Single / Multiple photos to Groups
  • Post on Pages your own / Liked
  • Automatic Send/Accept/Deny friend request
  • Bulk Join Groups or Leave bad groups
Abid Nevesinjac
Abid Nevesinjac
#FacebookPoster developed by @sujoydhar2016 is an excellent free tool & simple #autoposter which helps you to send one message to all the facebook #groups #fanpages and also to your #timeline. It is the former #multiposter
Nazmul Hyder Khan
Nazmul Hyder Khan
This is the app which I was craving for long time. This app is awesome. just live this app.
Mariano Neris
Mariano Neris
Amazing experience, works great, and customer support was immaculate. Fast, understanding, and willing to help their customers with their needs. Thank you!
Best Free Facebook Autoposter Which Auto Post In All Facebook Groups on 1 Click and that is 100% working.
Gladies Arrabis
Gladies Arrabis
I love it.. It's very useful especially when you have online business.. Hassle free in posting on groups and pages.. 👍👍👍👍
Sous dubois
Sous dubois
Good tool ! I use it to share my Facebook live videos during my radioshows. It saves me allot of time 😉
Let the Journey Begins With the New Innovation
Facebook Poster Desktop App

Safety Advice for Facebook Poster Desktop Version Users

Every one knows Facebook is a Top #2 Website from the global social network site.Facebook always trying to keep their users safe and aways from the spamming.
Facebook is also a great marketplace for promoting or highlighting the products and getting viral over internet.We have discussed with several users of our tool and find something great tips for you to protect from getting banned.

Our App is being developed for saving time and for doing multiple tasks at a time on Facebook

Please do not try to create too many accounts daily. I got around 10 – 20 clicks for each post on a group daily. I just post around 20 – 30 groups daily and using total 10 accounts. This mean, I got around 2000 – 6000 clicks daily. For each account I just use few time in a month.

You can also buy some Facebook Accounts that already have more friends, verified via phone and created few year ago. It will live longer than and working smoothly.

New accounts are being monitored by Facebook regularly so you need to observe all the actions limits. Better you leave off for the active promotion like you do with your old facebook account for certain time and post one or two to get trusted by Facebook.

I suggest you that do not post more than 10 groups per 3 days, if you are posting each day it’s not even higher risk to get suspended, but you will have extremely less reach of your posts. Also suggest you to spin your posts and delete it after 24-40 hours cause it will not get a lot of clicks, but still be reporting to Facebook, Because only few people will see it. Instead of more post, you should use your time in building more accounts.

You should use Google Shorten and Random Your Link to post on Facebook.

DO NOT post the same message/story or a LINK too many times. You should use SPIN/RANDOM feature when posting Facebook messages (*.fmsg). You can also try RANDOM LINKS
DO NOT use an account or a link got blocked before.
You should use MANY accounts and spin them for a month. Ex: I have 300 accounts and im using 10 accounts for a day and spin these account within a month.
Depending on your target, you should search groups related to that.
You should use some Facebook accounts (5 – 10 depending on your target) and for each account should joining to groups by specify keyword. Example:
I have a website offering SEO services.
For first account, i will searching for groups with “SEO”, “SEO Group”, “SEO Google” … keywords and join to these groups.
Second account, i will searching for groups with “Link exchange”, “Link Exchange group” … keywords and join to these groups.
Third account, I will be searching for groups with “Online marketing”, “Internet marketing” … keywords and join these groups.

Making post unique and keep your Facebook account safe is our main objective so we have created the Random and Spin features in order to make your post unique in the eyes of Facebook Monitoring.You can read about Random and Spin feature below on the FAQ section.


This Are Most Frequently Asked Question To Us Regarding Our Facebook Poster Desktop App, So We Have Put Up As Many Questions With Answers. Hopefully Your Doubts Will Get Clear.

How many desktop/Laptop per license ?

You ca use one license for one desktop or Laptop , if you want to use for multiple pc then you need to buy more licenses.If you want to resell the license then you have to buy the license as follows :

10 License at 70$ each so total 700$ for 10 License
20 License at 50$ each so total 1000$ for 20 License

Free Version Limitation

You will see this text: “(This message posted via Facebook Auto Poster We Viral)at end of your message. It will be removed in the PREMIUM version.We do not provide any Refund for this Digital Product.Try the Demo Version before buying.


Simulator Browser means you are using the real browser not a third party app as like you used before in Web Version of Facebook Poster.
The software required your account language is EN_US.
You should not use With Tag option frequently a day. If you use TAG option then your account will get banned or security check very soon.
Posting same message/link too many times leads to Facebook block so you should use custom link shortener.


You should send less than 200 messages or different types of messages for each account daily. We do not know exactly when is your account will be blocked. For each account you should not post same message too many times daily. You can using multiple accounts instead posting same message and same link using one account.

RECOMMENDED SETTINGS FOR Facebook Poster Desktop App ?

You can use “Recommended Settings” button on Settings window.

What are the Options in Settings Windows ?

Posting Threads: Number of post posting when the app posting your messages.

Posting Delay: The time in seconds that your worker waiting to post another message.

Automatic add link thumbnail in your message: The Facebook poster app auto generate thumbnail for any link in your message.

Remove the link in your message if thumbnail is auto generated: After the software added thumbnail for your link in your message, it will be remove this link in your message text..

Single Message

Post a specify message file (*.fmsg) to target Facebook IDs (Groups, Pages, Users wall)


You can create new messages with more special. 

Eg: I have BMW image and caption is “My new BMW” and another image is Laptop, caption is “New Laptop”. So, by creating message file (*.fmsg) you can randomly message with more flexible. Because I dont want My new BMW” for New Laptop image.


This app only help you to save times when posting stories/photos/messages in Facebook.

Even you are posting from a real browser , you will still be banned(blocked) if posting too much.

No one can guarantee you about not getting banned.

Our app do all the function via Web Browser as you do in your Web Browser.


Spin your message files when posting to target Facebook IDs (Groups, Pages, Users wall). By using this option you must select a folder which will contain your message files (*.fmsg). 

Example: We have 3 groups (group1,group2,group3) and 2 messages (message1,message2). Here is what will the software do:

group1 > posting >message1

group2 > posting > message2

group3 > posting > message1

BUMP POSTS or Auto Delete Comment

You must import GROUP IDs if you want to “Find your latest posts in Groups” or “Bump your posts from GROUP IDs“. You must import Post IDs if you want to “Bump your posts from POST IDs” or “Delete Post IDs”.


Randomly select a message file when posting to target Facebook IDs (Groups, Pages, Users wall). By using this option you must select a folder which contain your message files (*.fmsg).