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    Gujarat Schools and Article 370: Education as Political Propaganda

    The Ahmedabad education department has issued around to all “government-furnish-in-useful resource and self-financed secondary and better secondary colleges to arrange unique lectures, debate, essay and elocution competitions, and group discussions almost about Article 370 and Article 35A at some stage in the college assembly on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on September 17.” The circular reportedly notes that “this touches the social, technological know-how challenge of secondary and better secondary education.”


    Just when one changed into starting to be as a substitute, fortunately, thrilled at this new attention to “social sciences” on behalf of the ruling BJP management, and the encouragement is given to college students to “debate,” the cat become predictably out of the bag.

    Not taking any risk with the suggested debate, the stated “circular” takes care to lay down what is to be stated within the “debate”. It notes: “Under Article 370 and 35A, the Indian parliament has taken an appreciative and those-orientated step that has obtained a lot of appreciation from the entire country.”

    Clearly, the “round” underscores the fact that the “occasion” – to be carried out ostensibly as a part of a “social, technological know-how” deliberation – is not meant to be a lot medical as hagiographic, in view that all individuals are already advised that best one element can be stated about what has been achieved, namely appreciation.

    Interestingly, the circular mentions that “experts” may also be invited. It infrequently wishes that the “experts” will all need to be of 1 mind.

    The motive behind the flow, then, appears unambiguously not to permit younger humans to in reality “debate” the complex execs and cons of the scrapping of Article 370 but a crassly instrumentalist one – to get them to consolidate the view that no one, however nobody, maybe on the alternative aspect of the talk “within the entire USA.” If “social technology” had been a dwelling being, one ought to marvel what view she might have taken of her substance and use.

    The truth is that never becomes there a greater need to harken to the “social sciences” than in our day.

    In cannily justifying the proposed faculty “debate” as a curricular hobby falling underneath a “social science” syllabus, the round, of course, makes no connection with the various other troubles that might usefully and verily be “debated” as a part of this kind of curriculum. To name a few: caste oppression, communal hegemony, mob lynchings, gender discrimination, the causes of joblessness, identification politics, retrograde myths and legends, gross inequalities of profits and possibility, tremendous lacunae in the crook justice machine and inside the operations of nation companies — all on occasion receiving some debate, but loaded or cacophonous, in media channels. All those topics and much more fall simply in the ambit of a “social science” intellectual expanse.

    What a high-quality aspect it would be had this new invocation of “social, technological know-how” been driven by using the impulse to an open-ended inquiry and debate in colleges, schools, amongst voluntary groups of worried residents, looking for no longer simply to laud the studying down of Article 370 and so on., however, to take a look at the numerous social fault-lines that bedevil the republic.

    But then, if the experience of the latest years is something to move by way of, there appears a clean injunction no longer only as to what topics may be debated however how and to what motive.

    And consider the laurels that might accrue to the honorable prime minister if his birthdays have been true to be made occasions for such huge-ranging and inclusive debates and discussions.

    Given Modiji’s democratic credentials, it’s far still to be was hoping that the kind of dialogue the Ahmedabad training department has proposed, instead enjoined, will be gently discouraged and substituted with the aid of encouragement to India’s millennials to fearlessly voice their perspectives on the entire spectrum of troubles indicated above.

    As to the concern proposed by way of the Ahmedabad schooling department, one may invite them to consider the irony of the declaration that the “complete u. S .” has preferred the measure taken through parliament. In reality, those countrymen and girls who are most stricken by it continue to be either locked down or objects of so stringent a suspicion that their voices are required to be gagged thru an extraordinary denial of all sources of communique to them – barring the measly landlines which, lots of the time, fail to work.

    Clearly, where representatives from Kashmiri colleges are invited to the proposed debate, a whole one-of-a-kind perspective may grow available to the younger ones in Ahmedabad schools and the “complete u. S. A ..”

    For now, “social science” scholars and instructors might also draw suitable conclusions about what’s anticipated in their problem and of them.

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