Our tool does not provide spam to your posts, it is made by Facebook only, our tool is to provide only the functionality that you want but making the posts spam is done by Facebook not us.

    Moreover, Facebook asks whether the post is spam or not and the Facebook user need to mark that as not spam so that Facebook knows that it is not spam but if the failure to respond to that spam feedback then facebooks take action to block the user for a limited time and again unblocked their account again.

    Getting restricted depends on many things. A number of them are known and some are unknown as Facebook never revealed how its SPAM control system functions. It can block you when you’re manually posting the same message to multiple groups or pages and blocking technique of Facebook is unknown and happen with some auto-poster and sometimes not. it’s unpredictable. One’s non-blocking techniques might not work for different accounts. There are not any standard. Below are some common blocking variables

    You are posting Too fast For a number of accounts Facebook allows even 1 minutes post delay and for some facebook accounts, it does not allow even 15 minutes. A possible reason could be the age of FB account, verification of consideration. How much account is used manually? New accounts are created daily and a lot of them are fake so Facebook has strict rules for new Facebook accounts to stop spamming. If a delay value isn’t working for you, keep it rising until the account isn’t restricted.

    Always ensure that your content matches the Facebook Community Standards: https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards

    And Facebook’s Ad Guidelines https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

    Use Spintax Spintax is used to make random articles. It is possible to use the following syntax to twist your articles
    For instance: {Hello|Howdy|Hola} to you, {Mr.|Mrs.|Ms.} {foo|bar|foobar}

    What is Spintax?

    If you are using spintax then you will be safe from facebook block so if you want to use spintax then this spintax tool will help you to write the message in spintax format.

    Spammy message – Facebook can detect spam out of words in articles and the Facebook user has also the possibility to Report a post as spam. So keep your post words spam free.

    Parallel posting – Don’t create a parallel campaign on the same Facebook accounts

    In case your Facebook account is fresh (Less then 1 month) your shouldn’t do any automate posting

    For most facebook accounts restricting yout dailly posts to 50 posts a day is safer.

    Other Ideas to prevent Facebook block:

    Facebook accounts

    • Do not use the company name for a personal account.
    • Provide information about who you are.
    • Do not send too many facebook friends request
    • Try not to use the Facebook account as soon as you create it, and try to work more on your Facebook accounts to prevent discovering your account as fake accounts.
    • Facebook has become very strict with reports that account which doesn’t have a confirmed mobile number attached. Confirm your Facebook account using a valid email and mobile number. And in case you can not, we strongly advise you cut your daily message to 30 with a fantastic time period like per day 30 posts.
    • It’s suggested to enable “Use two-factor authentication” and “Get alerts about unrecognized loginsSettings -> security -> Setting Up Extra Security https://www.facebook.com/help/799880743466869/

    Behavior on Facebook
    Do not join groups too quickly (Max of 24 join request every day)
    Do not do alot of activities on Facebook throughout the facebook poster.
    Additionally, you might be limited from Facebook when sending a lot of friend request, send spam messages to friends.

    Result: The action attempted has been deemed abusive or is otherwise disallowed Error Details: You’re Temporarily Blocked: It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast. You’ve been blocked from using it. Learn more about blocks in the Help Center.
    Error Code: 368

    Message Content
    It may take a long time but it is a fantastic idea to generate an post on the Facebook page and discuss the post link on groups rather
    Attempt to modify your message every time to prevent detecting your post as junk.
    Use the spintax along with the exceptional post (Facebook Poster lets you make your article unique by including a brief code into the status that you can enable by going to the Publish Setting )
    Big delay more safer so try to create and add an interval of 5 Minutes between every post.
    DO NOT post a spam content.
    Attempt not to post more than 30 post article every day for each Facebook accounts
    Use multi Facebook accounts every time use a defferent account to have the ability to earn as much posts as possible on Facebook
    post to groups where individuals can be intersted in your articles (Facebook Poster allows yout to filter your groups or pages with keywords )
    Prevent posting External Links (Non-Facebook hyperlinks ) as much as possible.

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