If you want to create a category and the groups so that you can post on them later or now then follow our steps given below :

    Step1. Creating Category

    1. Click on Create Category button and a pop up will show to you for putting the name of the category.
    2. Once you put the category name, click on Create button.
    3. Once the category is being saved, you will be shown a message ” The new category has been saved successfully.
    4. Click on the close button.

    Step 2. Adding Nodes or Groups or Pages

    1. Choose the groups that you want to add in the Category
    2. Once you selected the groups, click on the +Add Node button
    3. Select the category where you want to add the groups.

    If you want to see the category that you have created, that you can find here as shown below image.

    saved category

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