In our tutorial video on Youtube , you have found that for scheduling the posts on Facebook, you need to save post then need to schedule the posts to send in Facebook.

    But if you want to see the Saved posts then you need to click on Publishing and then Saved Posts.

    Once you go to the Saved Posts page, you will find all the posts that you have saved earlier during the schedule posts.

    Direct Access to Saved Posts :

    After you logged in to the Facebook Poster, you can visit this direct URL: https://weviral.org/facebook-poster/access/posts

    Now how to edit the saved posts?

    Once you have visited the saved posts, then you can simply click on any of the saved posts and it will take you directly to the homepage with your posts and you can edit or schedule the posts again.

    Please look below how it looks like in the Saved Posts section.

    Edit saved Posts

    in Facebook Poster Web Version
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