If you want to upload the image then you need to know how to upload the image in Facebook Poster App. We have covered this tutorial for you to help you get the things done so let’s begin the steps of uploading the pic in Facebook Poster.

    Upload image from our referred site

    • Step 1. Log in to your Facebook Poster App
    • Step 2. Choose the Image TAB
    • Step 3. Click on the link shown below i.e Upload Your Image

    Once you click on the image you will be taken to another website where you can upload the image.

    Now click on Start Uploading button and upload your image.

    Once the image is being uploaded, it will redirect you to the image page and you can Right Click over the image and copy the image address as shown below.


    Then paste the image URL in the box as shown below :


    Upload image from Google Image

    If you want to get the images from the google and want to use it in the facebook poster then you are welcome to do so. Follow the steps to upload the image from Google.

    1. Go to https://images.google.com/
    2. Type the type of image you want
    3. Click any image you want
    4. Right Click on the image and copy image address as shown above.

    Then paste the URL in the image URL box.

    Upload Image from another website

    You can also upload an image from your website or another website by simply copy the image address and paste in the image box as shown in the above and you are ready to go for posting to the Groups and Fan pages using our Facebook Poster.

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