We are always working hard to provide you the best and effective support through our Effort and recently we have got the message from our users about Video Upload as their question is how to upload video on Facebook using our facebook poster so we have made this post and also the video in order to make this uploading video work. Let’s start the process of uploading the video.

    Step 1. Visit the website Volafile.org

    Step 2. Click on Create Room button and Click on Video Upload Option once the page loaded as shown below.

    Step 3. You can now drag and drop your video file or click on the UPLOAD button from the right up the corner to choose the file and upload.

    Step 4. Once the file is being uploaded right click on the Video File and copy the link address.

    Step 5. Debug the video url here https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/ now paste the video link and click on the Debug button. Once you click on the Debug it will ask you to fetch the new information about the url so that Facebook can understand what type of URL it is. Click on the Fetch new information button and once it is fetched it will show you the details.

    Final Step 6. Now once the information is being fetched you will get the final url so copy the url and paste in the Video URL box and send it to your facebook groups.

    Copy the URL that is being shown below and paste in the Video box url inside our Facebook Poster.

    in Facebook Poster Web Version
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    Comments on How to Upload Video on Facebook Poster

    1. Hi,
      As per your guideline I tried to paste the video link in weviral.org, but my video preview is not showing neither playing this video.
      Kindly guide me about the solution.

      Deepak Soni

    2. I still cannot upload the video after following your guidance in the video.
      The sharing debugger also different from the one you share here.
      I got three Redirect Path
      Input URL: https://volafile.org/get/BjQQarfWvn2Nl/PerkhidmatanEPP.mp4
      302 HTTP Redirect: https://dl5.volafile.org/get/BjQQarfWvn2Nl/PerkhidmatanEPP.mp4
      302 HTTP Redirect: https://dl5.volafile.org/redir/get/BjQQarfWvn2Nl
      I’ve tried to copy and paste all 3’s but still cannot work.

      There’s an error message:
      Unable to fetch video file from URL. Error Details : Unable to fetch video file from URL : Unable to fetch video file from URL.
      Error Code : 389

      Any advise?

      1. Currently the external website do not support any more video upload, you need to upgrade in order to host files in our server.

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