If you want to add your friends or members to your group or other groups always remember the person need to be your friend or the person is in your friend list after that you can add your friend to your groups.

    Adding friends to the group is simple.

    1. Set the Delay Time or you can say interval time between sending the invite.
    2. Set the time according to your timezone that you have set at TimeZone Settings page so that it can start its work.
    3. When to pause the activity like after 12 friends inviting to the groups the app will stop for a while.
    4. When it will again start its activity like it will resume the invite activity after 1 hour as shown in the pic below.
    5. Select the groups where you want your friend to be invited or join the groups.
    6. Select your friends whom you want to join or invite in the groups.
    7. Click on the Save button and the app will start its work.

    Bonus Video : https://youtu.be/8ZlwuU6eSFk?t=1044

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