If you have scheduled a post and you find that the schedule posts dare not running, then here are the simple steps that will help you to run the schedule posting successfully.

    1. Make sure your Timezone is set correctly.

    Location : Settings > General Settings > Timezone

    2. Delete the Scheduled post

    3. Use only Facebook For iPhone App OR HTC Sense App or Facebook for Android app for Schedules

    schedule facebook posts

    If you have not used these apps then we will suggest you Authenticate the app and if authenticated but not working then re-authenticate the app and schedule the posts.

    Location: Settings > Facebook App


    in Facebook Poster Web Version
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    Comments on Why Schedule Post Not Running and how to fix it ?

    1. Still not working…

      1. Corrected my time zone

      2. Deleted post

      3. Scheduled it again

      Still not working… 🙁

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