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    10 necessary skills of a transcriptionist

    A transcriptionist converts audio/video recording into a text format. For example- Freelance transcription jobs of medical and other legal topics. A flexible but challenging task for you. Skills on the computer keyboard for the task are common. Despite it, you must have multitasking skills.


    For instance, the Freelance transcription jobs of a medical transcriptionist are related to healthcare services. The higher the volume of healthcare services, the higher will be the demand for transcription. Hence proved that the field has a bright future. Freelance transcription jobs can be an ideal side job for the transcriptionist. The only condition is to provide quality work to clients, along with the ability to meet deadlines. You can visit the website to find more opportunities in the freelance world.

    I bet that success will touch your feet.

    10 necessary skills of a transcriptionist

    The skills are essential to taste your success. So, let’s go through some as a transcriptionist.

    • Enhanced listening- I noticed that a good listener leaves a long-lasting impression than a speaker. As a transcriptionist for your Freelance transcription jobs, you are required to convert recordings into text. Finally, not possible without your ability to be a good listener.
    • Be a multitasking transcriptionist- By this, I don’t wish to say that I perform several Freelance transcription jobs at once. I agree with you that for fruitful results, it’s better to play a safe game. As a transcriptionist listens well to understand, simultaneously type according to that. In short, follow a balanced chain of listen-understand-type.
    • Fast and accurate typing skills- By typing skills, don’t type like a robot. Be patient to avoid mistakes. For getting fruitful results in Freelance transcription jobs, scan a word in advance. Your payment depends on your typing skills and speed. So, be serious with your profession.
    • Industry-specific skills- ‘One is for all, but all are not for one.’ Get well informed about the terminology of specific industries. Be ready for training of specific jargon if required. Stay updated with growth and change in this competitive world—for example, drug name, surgical procedure, and disease as a medical transcriptionist.
    • Writing skills- Spelling and grammar checkers are just for help; that’s it. Be your boss to ensure the quality of the transcription. Generally, English is preferred in Freelance transcription jobs. The Transcriptionist must have a good grasp of punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Please go through it, and understand your accents. It means a lot. 70 Words/minute is an average typing speed for transcriptionists.
    • Computer skills- Don’t mix it with computer guru. Only moderate knowledge of e-mail and MS- WORD is sufficient for Freelance transcription jobs. A professional must be capable of uploading and downloading the files. Not a big issue in this digital world. Agreed?
    • Research skills- Research is essential to highlight your creativity. I agree, not possible with some biased niches—for example, a project from a bio-technician. Here, you were required to research dictated terminology in the text (frustrating). Isn’t so? Start with a detailed briefing by the client. No doubt, you will be dammed if you mix up the two.
    • Analytical and problem-solving skills- Generating the reports is a complicated task from raw audio data. Hence proved that problem-solving skills are essential in Freelance transcription jobs. To solve the controversy of this edited document.

    Analytical skills will help to change your perception of algebra and statistics. For getting fruitful results, both are essential for you.

    • Self Motivated- The task for Freelance transcription jobs is self-guided. As you are your boss. Don’t you think that being self-dependent can be an attractive quality? I too think the same, the skills involved are-
    • Taking risks while ensuring your success.
    • Be positive to avoid negativity.
    • Be aware of your strengths and weakness.
    • A golden opportunity to work on them.
    • Concentration and Focus- Your profession is everything for you. So, no compromises, please. Focus leads to accuracy, timeliness, and, finally, quality work. Some recommendations for the same-
    • Choose your workplace with very few or no distractions.
    • Clear your mind from all the worries
    • Be detailed about the basic procedure

    Forget about the money; transcription provides an opportunity to learn something. But as a transcriptionist, you must be passionate about grabbing the opportunity. As perfection leads to success, go for these 10 skills to step up in the field. I bet success will touch your feet.

    Importance of a transcriptionist in Freelance transcription job-

    Careers | Saint Teresa University

    Time is money. I repeat, transcriptionist in Freelance transcription jobs converts audio/video recording into text format (it’s cool). Moreover, how that work is performed means a lot for your success. Transcription stands as a challenging task. Don’t worry; here are additional skills for the transcriptionist.

    Sharp memory-

    Attentive listening is not sufficient. A sharp memory is essential for it. Pausing the video/audio leads to a wastage of time. A memory that can catch every word without replays No doubt will type longer dialogues. Finally, it proves as a time-saving weapon.


    It will be a wise decision to notice your mistakes. A transcriptionist should go to detect their grammar and punctuation mistakes. Corrections should be done before the final submission.

    Commitment to professionalism-

    Security of client’s information is the responsibility of Freelance transcription jobs. A transcriptionist should delete the provided documents after the completion of the project.

    Prevention is better than cure. To avoid problems, transcription must be accurate and confidential. For a more comfortable and cost-effective transcription, come up with a quality recording. An ideal transcriptionist can deal here. Finally, credit goes to the skills we discussed above.

    For Freelance transcription jobs, go for specialized instead of formal training. Specialization can provide priceless guidance and skills for the job. That will result in more work and higher payment. The field has a wide scope and a bright future. The best choice is yours. Go ahead if passionate about it. I wish you good luck with your future endeavors. Don’t forget to follow these 10 skills, as your profession matters the most.

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