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    4 Benefits of Using a WOCA Oil Finish for Your Outdoor Bamboo Screens


    You’ve decided to install bamboo privacy screens in your backyard after learning their numerous benefits for your home. However, you’re not aware of the fact that they are hard to maintain.

    It would help if you constantly cleaned up the dust, mold, and algae accumulated in your bamboo fencing. In addition, you have to protect them from rain, strong winds, or any other harsh environmental factors. Otherwise, you risk damaging your privacy screens.

    Curious to learn more about this hardwood finish? Fortunately, with the help of maintenance products such as WOCA oil, it becomes easier to take care of your bamboo screens. Here are 4 benefits of using WOCA oil for your outdoor bamboo screens.

    4 Reasons to Use WOCA Oil Finish for Bamboo Screens


    Finish for Bamboo Screens

    As the leading manufacturer of wood oil finishes, WOCA offers basic finishing and maintenance of wood products, including bamboo. WOCA oil is the top choice for countless retail and industrial markets around the world.

    As such, you can also rely on this product to maintain and protect your bamboo privacy screens from external factors. Stain your fences using a power sprayer or a roller to ensure a durable finish that would survive even the harshest winds and rains.

    WOCA’s Exterior Wood Oil, in particular, penetrates the bamboo’s fibers to provide a strong, lasting, and dirt-repellent seal. And when used together with constant maintenance, the WOCA oil finish can last on your bamboo screens for decades without the need for a retouch.

    Lastly, you don’t need to worry about touching up previously oil-finished outdoor fences. WOCA also offers oil refresher or maintenance oils that can rejuvenate and increase the wood’s resistance to wear.



    In recent years, both consumers and industry professionals have become increasingly aware of the environmental effects of ordinary oil-based finishes. These products pose a risk for the environment and the health of people using them.

    Fortunately, with WOCA, you don’t have to think about your wood care products’ environmental and health implications. You can freely use WOCA oil finishes for any project, even if it requires strict environmental standards.

    This is because WOCA utilizes a water-based composition for their oil finishes. This ensures that their products can easily be diluted and washed away by water and are 100% friendly to the environment.



    Aside from being durable and environment-friendly, WOCA oil also makes it easy to stain outdoor bamboo screens.

    Since WOCA oil finishes are extremely fast-drying, they only require a single-step process of coating your privacy fences. You apply the oil finish, which acts as a protective stain and finish in one, and you already have a stronger bamboo screening.

    Overall, WOCA oil is straightforward to apply and saves you a ton of time compared to other complicated maintenance processes.

    Overall Look

    Overall Look

    When applied to your outdoor bamboo screens, WOCA oil finishes add an attractive look to your property. Available in nine different colors, they enhance the natural shade and grain of bamboo, highlighting the innate beauty of this construction material. They can also recreate the original color of old bamboo surfaces, perfect when you’re rejuvenating your backyard.

    But if you want to change the look of your bamboo screens completely, it’s also possible to do it with WOCA oil finishes. Choose a darker hue of the product, such as grey or black, and apply it to the bamboo. You can even mix different colored oil finishes to create various palettes that would meet your personal choices.

    Maintaining outdoor bamboo screens might be difficult, but WOCA oil can do the easy task for you. Apply it to protect your privacy fences from damage while still looking attractive.

    Author Bio:

    George Katsoudas is a Digital Marketing Professional who works as the Managing Director of Low-Cost SEO, a digital marketing firm in Sydney, and a Digital Media Manager for House of Bamboo, offering Australia a premium bespoke design option bamboo and sustainable materials.

    Company Bio:

    Established in 1972, House of Bamboo is Australia’s trusted source of eco-friendly and high-quality natural materials known for its bespoke designs. Our range encompasses sustainable bamboo feature panels, wall cladding, ceiling panels, rattan cane webbing, and DIY maintenance products such as WOCA oil, bamboo cleaner, and bamboo protector. #NotJustBamboo

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