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    4 Sure-Fire Ways To Look Stunning Without Overshadowing The Bride!

    As the bride’s mother, you want to look beautiful on your daughter’s wedding day while greeting the guests – especially if you have not seen some of them for a long time! The trick is making sure you achieve your look in a way that doesn’t overshadow the bride or bridal party in any way.

    Although it may seem like a minefield, there are easy ways to navigate getting a look together that will make your daughter proud as punch to have you by her side on her big day!

    Be Careful With Color

    Most of us don’t have a reason to go out and buy a formal dress very often, so when we do, it can be tempting to go for something bright and shiny. Although looking ravishing in red might be an appealing idea, your daughter’s wedding is probably not the right occasion to pull out a show-stopping pop of color.

    Mother of the bride dresses should always be elegant and understated rather than attention-seeking, so your safer tones are champagnes, pinks, or blues. If your heart is set on a brighter color, for the mother of the bride, dresses long can be a way to get away with it as they exude elegance rather than scream sensual or sexy.

    Avoid Loud Patterns or Prints

    Although many of us love wearing bold, bright prints, they can tend to be a little loud in some settings. A wedding guest could get away with it, but their look will tend to be slightly more casual than the bridal party and parents of the bride and groom.

    If you really love prints, try and look at mother of the bride dresses with patterned embellishments as an alternative. Lace applique on a plainly colored dress can be a stunning way to introduce a point of difference in your outfit in a way that doesn’t look out of place or overdone.

    Leave The Sparkling To Your Jewels (And Champagne!)

    When it comes to mother of the bride dresses, it is not the time to wear sparkling sequins more at home at a ballroom dancing competition! Sequins and sparkles are best left to the bride’s tiara or your jewelry, not on your dress.

    If you feel you must have sequin embellishments, for mother of the bride dresses, long styles can often help you get away with having that extra pizzazz. Look for designs that have appliques on a section such as a bodice area rather than the whole dress being sequined.

    Plan Ahead

    Whether you are a wallflower or social butterfly, much of your day and night will be spent greeting far-flung relatives and friends, and you will want to look your best. Be sure to plan just as much as your daughter is and book hair, beauty, and nail appointments.

    If you can, have your hair professionally done for the day and have a test run a week or so before the wedding day to make sure you are happy with your look. It’s also a good idea to have your makeup done by a professional to ensure you look fabulous in the photos – remember they will be around long after the wedding day!

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