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    4 tricks to get the best possible reception with your indoor antenna

    With the skyrocketing cable TV prices, some people feel forced to pay an outrageous amount to view specialty channels and live to program.

    However, times have changed, and people are cutting the cable TV cord more than ever before.


    The pricey cable and satellite subscriptions are getting replaced by streaming services for entertainment. Now, can you rely on Hulu, Netflix, or Youtube TV for your entertainment? Or, you can opt for an HDTV antenna for your television needs.

    It will enable you to pick up local channels and help you watch live TV for free. It is a surprising amount of channels and programs that you can watch without an Internet or cable connection.

    You can pick up over-the-air broadcast channels including CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, ION with an HDTV antenna. You can watch almost all sporting events, local news, and other programs through HDTV for free.

    And the word antenna does not mean that you get a hazy display. TV broadcasts are now digital, and if in range, you get a crystal clear display. It, however, may be essential to have your antenna in the right position to maximize reception, especially if the TV broadcast tower is miles away.

    Here are tips to get the best possible reception for your indoor TV antenna:

    1. Check for the available channels in your area.

    It is essential to survey the available channels and their signal strength for your location in particular. You can make use of an online tool for the same.

    The home’s surrounding landscape has a major say in the antenna selection and channel availability. If you live surrounded by mountains, hills, or skyscrapers, the antenna’s reception may be poorer. If you live in an elevated area, the signal reception will be better.

    1. Pick the right antenna based on your geography and channel availability

    You cannot have a channel from across the world unless it is available in the over-the-air channels at your location. Also, with a variety of HDTV antennas available, choose the one that provides you best channel availability for your location. Also, select the one with broadcast towers nearest to your home. Also, a multidirectional antenna will help you catch signals from different directions, thus giving you access to more channels.

    If the distance from your home to the broadcast tower is too much, you could also opt for an amplified antenna.

    1. Install and position it for the best reception

    Buying an antenna was only the first step. You need to install your antenna in a preferable position next. With digital broadcasts, either your antenna will give you a crystal clear picture or a blank screen; there is no in-between. Install the antenna in a location with low hindrance. After plugging in, have your TV scan for channel availability. Depending on the TV, you may have an auto-scan, auto program, or auto-tune option. The reception of the antenna can best be optimized with the trial and error method. However, placing it near windows may help with better signals.

    1. Electric equipment nearby could be interfering with your TV reception

    Are you still getting fuzzy interference? Besides the fluorescent lights, you may need to unplug your computer, stereo equipment, and other electronic equipment for a better signal. Then plug those one at a time to rule out which one was creating interference.

    Wi-Fi routers can especially pose a problem with signal reception.

    Are you looking to buy an HDTV antenna for your home? Or do you require help with your antenna’s signal reception? When in Australia, we at Antennas Today will help solve all your HDTV antenna needs and problems.

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