How to live fit and healthful whilst travelling…

New Delhi: “Happy traveling” is a phrase commonly heard and read in relation to journeys. But more often than not, people are talking about places to explore, best hotels for a comfortable stay when they say this. One rarely talks about how to avoid gaining weight when on a leisure trip. Travelling isn’t as easy as it seems and with winters almost here, it seems even more challenging.
So if you are traveling and concerned about gaining those extra kilos, here are some amazing health tips shared by Harshita Dilawri, nutritionist and diabetic educator, that can bring an end to all your worries and help you maintain weight while enjoying your travel.
Healthy eating is a must
First and foremost that you must remember is to eat less than your appetite and make sure that you eat healthily. A healthy decent meal before leaving for your favorite destination is advisable. For a long-distance journey, take protein-rich food including vegetables and fruits. Also, try to pack light snacks which are not oily or deep-fried. Always prefer to have fresh fruits and juices while on the move. Make sure that your first meal of the day is super healthy as it will improve metabolism and keep you active for the entire day.
Remember to carry water, always


We all know that drinking lots of water is recommended to keep healthy. This should be followed more sincerely when you are traveling as it will keep you hydrated and feel fuller. Sugary drinks like soda must be avoided. Always carry water while on the move to stay hydrated. Though packaged water bottles are easily available, you can always try carrying your own to avoid spending extra money.
Go full-on your stomach
Always try and have healthy food before you leave your hotel or resort for the day. You can have a veggie roll with low-fat dressings ahead of a day full of activities.
Carry your snacks
People tend to binge on unhealthy or oily food while traveling due to lack of options. To avoid doing that, you can visit a grocery store and easily pick a variety of healthy quick bites like dry fruits, pumpkin seeds, protein bars or even fresh fruits. This way, you can avoid eating out multiple meals at the restaurants which save you money as well.
Drink it up
We often tend to misunderstand dehydration with hunger. Whenever you are feeling hungry or exhausted, try to have loads of fluids in the form of coconut water or fresh lemonade, etc. You can also have tea as it will keep you energetic and the antioxidants in it will keep you protected from potential damage that can be caused by pollution.
Stay active while you have fun
Taking stairs, walking where possible, exercising, cycling, indulging in water sports and swimming are some of the best ways to have a fun-filled holiday while staying fit and active. Walking is always a great idea for those who plan to stay healthy even when having the best times.
If you have sufficient time to reach your destination and it’s not too far, try walking down instead of hiring a cab. You can also try doing some exercises before leaving your hotel room to keep that guilt of not working out all the while away from you. Squats, lunges and simple abs workout can be a great idea to keep those muscles active. You can even rent a bicycle to explore the city. It’s a workout in itself and you can be a contributor to reducing pollution too.
These are some suggestions that can help one stay healthy and make their traveling experience a lot more fun. A final piece of advice to all those who are set to travel is that do a lot of planning before hitting your next destination in summers.
One must adopt a healthy and safe plan depending on the destination and mode of traveling.

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