‘Ireland has made it possible for me to dream a great deal larger’

Ksenia Morozova moved to Ireland from Russia to pursue opportunities she feels she wouldn’t have been able to get entry to at domestic.

Ksenia Morozova, an associate solution engineer at New Relic, has no illusions approximately a number of the pitfalls about Dublin lifestyles. “Living situations in Dublin can be hard,” she explains. “Let’s be honest, the apartment market is no a laugh in any respect in the meanwhile. Many of my pals have experienced rent hikes, evictions and sub-fashionable accommodation, which are all a real a part of the Dublin rental landscape.”

Yet for her, quite a few this is outweighed by means of the splendid profession possibilities she has been able to avail of in Ireland − possibilities she doesn’t feel are as ready to be had in Russia, where she is from.

Here, Morozova discusses what inspired her choice to transport to Ireland and how New Relic has supported her career improvement.

Where are you from and what’s it like there?

I’m originally from a town in the south of Russia known as Volgograd. It turned into a [FIFA] World Cup venue lower back in 2018, however maximum recognize it by using its former call − Stalingrad. It’s a reasonably massive metropolis, about the dimensions of Dublin, with approximately one million people living there.

Contrary to what most people may assume from a Russian metropolis, it doesn’t snow all the time. In truth, summers are the greater difficult a part of the 12 months, with temperatures accomplishing plus 40 ranges. That stated, winters also are checking out and temperatures mechanically reach minus 20 stages. So it’s a miles cry faraway from Dublin’s by no means-changing micro-climate that seems to sit at 12 levels all 12 months spherical.

There’s sadly no longer a lot to say concerning professional possibilities in my domestic metropolis. For a maximum of my friends, all roads cause Moscow, St Petersburg or overseas.
How lengthy have you been in Ireland?

It’ll be 5 years for the reason that I got here to Ireland this September.

What caused your choice to transport right here?

I became, first of all, pushed to Ireland in simple terms out of admiration for the openness of humans here, in addition to the breath-taking landscapes and cultural history. I, to begin with, came right here to take part in a brief-term volunteering venture on the National Ecology Centre in Co Meath. I simply cherished the general vibe of the small beach town I changed into residing in and the way one of a kind the entirety was to what I had experienced as much as that factor. Everyone stated the summers were miserable but, in comparison to the blazing warmness of the Volgograd summer season, I turned into extra than satisfied to include the steady rain and kickback.

After that, I ended up volunteering long-time period in Ireland and, after doing an Erasmus task as a kids employee for a year, I retrained as a software engineer and entered the tech zone.
What’s your position in New Relic?

My full name reads companion answer engineer at New Relic. In brief, the function combines sales and technical talents into one. We are anticipated to remedy demanding situations and troubles facing our customers with the assist of New Relic software program − locating the great route to address a problem, in addition to permitting clients to utilize our platform to allow them to convey most fee to their customers.
How would you describe your operating environment?


I find my crew to be really supportive and, as my task includes a variety of self-development, my teammates are always there for me to provide an explanation for standards I’m no longer acquainted with or hit me up with a few sound recommendations or examples of pleasant practice.

I also feel I’m capable of growing professionally as my managers offer me comments at all times and I understand my standard attempt is valued.
What do you like maximum about your process?

Work-clever, I truly enjoy how varied in the future can be with the next. There’s no set ordinary and as customers vary so do their desires and questions. Additionally, I, in reality, recognize that this role affords me the opportunity to interact in non-stop studying.

Even although I only commenced six months in the past, I already recognize a lot greater approximately current infrastructure and architecture than after I first started. New Relic surely invests in their personnel. They backed my AWS practitioner certification, which is a real asset for my career, and are always encouraging me to move even further.

In terms of extracurricular activities, I love how New Relic supports our desire to present lower back to the network. As I’ve already noted, I actually have an ardor for volunteering and turned into overjoyed to find out the organization encourages us to achieve this by means of giving extra days off for network paintings.


I’ve volunteered in some capacity each yr when you consider that 2011 and it’s crucial for me to understand that my company will aid tasks like this. For example, this year I wish to visit an international volunteering camp in a rural region of Japan to organize all varieties of activities for local kids.
Was it tough to adjust to residing and running in Ireland?

On the only hand, living conditions in Dublin can be tough. Let’s be honest, the apartment market is no a laugh in any respect in the interim. Many of my buddies have experienced hire hikes, evictions and sub-widespread accommodation, that are all a real a part of the Dublin condominium landscape.

On the alternative hand, the work opportunities in Ireland are clearly first-rate. It’s a city of 1m humans and I’ve been fortunate to paintings for at the least 3 one-of-a-kind the world over recognized companies here. It’s a really particular area for experts and surely incomparable with my home town.
How does your running existence help to make your experience at home here?


Our office is pretty multicultural. This makes it easier to match in as well as to study other cultures and places. We’re also are very, fortunate to have the People Ops team setting up diverse social events for us every month, together with quizzes and other fun sports. They usually come up with something very creative. For example, closing month we had a retro arcade video games night which, as an unrivaled fan of pinball machines, I became very excited about.
What do you want maximum about your adopted domestic?

Ireland is a place full of rewarding connections and opportunities. Back in my place of birth, I may want to in no way dream of having a diploma in computing, in no way mind landing an excellent activity with an employer that may be an international chief in its field.


The tolerance and accepting nature of the Irish humans is likewise deeply staggering and a large asset to the use of a. In Russia, I in no way even explored the possibility of programming as I become always instructed it changed into a male-orientated profession. In Ireland, I’ve come to recognize such a lot of robust, smart women that I’ve all started to re-examine what I myself am capable of.

Overall, Ireland has made it viable for me to dream plenty larger. Looking lower back at my journey from factor A to factor B, I feel very proud of how far I’ve come and it’s simplest simply the start.

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