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    Life is extra than your family and paintings

    Q. Life has been a journey from sadness to happiness, from lack of confidence to safety, from soreness to comfort, and on this procedure, there is so much war and chaos that it has landed us in pathos, hasn’t it? One component I don’t do is interpret. When I supply talks on the Bhagwad Gita, I don’t interpret the verses; I respond to them. I lead them to a mirror in which I see myself, and from there, there’s a response. When one analyses the analyzer in the analysis technique, what happens is that the analyzer pollutes or affects the analysis. Please see the threat on this. If a person from a positive belief device of faith reads another scripture, the belief gadget influences he examines, so there’s no objectivity. Yes, the journey that many people adopt is to move from sadness to happiness. In other phrases, our life plan is self-focused. Being self-centered exposes us to outside matters. Anything that does not meet our expectations creates pain or war, whether or not marriage or paintings, for example.


    To triumph over selfishness, discover a kingdom of ‘no-self, even though one has no longer simply experienced it consciously. ‘No-self’ does now not imply you have disappeared from this earth. ‘No-self’ is not centered on one precise element, however, on all matters. Existence is a present that nature has given us. I don’t oppose whatever, but I invite matters consistent with the intelligence of ‘no-self. It is like in a shopping mall, and I select what is needed. Thus in ‘no-self, there’s no opposition and consequently happiness.

    Your normal definition of happiness is when others dance to your likes and dislikes. It best caters to the ego of the opposite. Then, while there are variations, demanding situations at work or home, consciousness and simply be a ‘no-self and meet the challenges. Make no needs; simply meet the difficulty. Then you experience ‘what’s as a sensation. ‘No-self’ meets the sensations without fragmentation of the mind, and it reviews the fullness of the moment. In such fullness, you’re prepared to stand even death.

    But with a ‘self-targeted self, any amount of its desires fulfilled is like a pot with holes, and any quantity of water poured into it is inadequate to fill it. Then when you have to stand the loss of life, the inevitable, you definitely are in warfare with dying. Observe that best the ‘self-focused’ thoughts are crowded with the mind of self-problem. It seems natural as one has not reflected on better ways of residing, and consequently, one rationalizes by pronouncing that it’s miles natural.

    The whole beyond of this sort of thought is puzzling and overburdening. The complete destiny is packed with expectations, goals and is overburdening. One is in no way free.  There isn’t any inward freedom; handiest suffocation. Creative living is to live inside the now. However, true richness is not inside the houses you own in the freedom from the silly cravings that idea has created. Life is bigger than family or paintings, so trade your perception, or else your complete lifestyle might be limited to your own family and paintings. You must retire in some unspecified time in the future from work, and one in every one of you in the circle of relatives has to pass away. So please don’t narrow down your life to the simplest own family and paintings.

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