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    11 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

    If you’re looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for teen boys, your search has just become a little shorter! The featured list has excellent ideas that teenage boys will like in all price ranges.

    Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie

    Champion sweatshirts are back in style with this modern reverse weave hoodie, which is simple and goes with everything.

    Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker

    This little speaker packs a big sound punch and easily attaches with a tear-resistant silicone strap. Bluetooth works within 30 feet, and the speaker can last up to 6 hours on its battery.

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    Koowheel Hover Shoes with LED Lights

    You get these when you cross a skateboard, roller skates, and hoverboard. Teenage boys will have fun learning impressive tricks in a new pair of light-up hover shoes.

    Bean Bag Buckets Game

    Bean Bag Buckets is a fun, interactive, and challenging game that can play solo or with friends and divide into teams for a little friendly competition. Plus, it’s easy to pack away in its convenient carrying bag.

    Seneo Wireless Charging Stand

    What teen boy doesn’t love convenience? This charger can set a phone in the dock either vertically or horizontally to charge.

    Nomatic Minimalist Slim Wallet

    This wallet can carry all necessities, including a key and cash, within a small amount of classy space in any color.

    Fun Flannel PJ Pants

    These pants are comfortable with colorful designs and patterns teen boys will love.

    Tiny Epic Quest Game

    This game is set in a classic fantasy world with beautiful artwork and amazingly crafted pieces which is easy to learn and can be played with 1 to 4 people within an hour.


    A pandemic is a game of strategy where the player is a disease-fighting specialist trying to contain the illness and find cures before things worsen. Teenage boys will love this exciting, cooperative game of strategy.

    Xbox One

    What teen doesn’t have this gaming system on their wish list? It’s the most powerful console in the world, with many features and storage options.

    Mobile Phone Gaming Controller with Triggers

    This little gadget will make phone gaming more straightforward and fun for the teenage boy who loves to game on his phone.

    Under Armour Men’s Fleece Twist Pullover Hoodie

    Teenage boys love Under Armour, and this stylish hoodie will keep them warm and looking good with a good amount of stretch and an adjustable hood.

    SKLZ 10 Man Flag Football New Deluxe Set

    This deluxe set for up to 10 players is a great gift idea for teenage boys who love to play flag football.

    Philips Norelco Travel Shaver

    This shaver is a great travel set for teenage boys who always go somewhere and can’t carry a complete shaving set.

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