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    Easy and Effective Tips on Protecting your House Gutters

    Regular gutter maintenance prevents breakdown and avoids major repairs. Experts recommend cleaning the gutters once in the spring and again in the fall to prevent damage. Keep an eye on the home and if you notice significant twig, leaves, dirt, or debris buildup in the gutters, schedule a cleaning, regardless of the date of the last cleaning. Regular cleaning ensures there isn’t any excessive weight added to the futters, which can cause them to pull away from the house.

    How to Repair Gutters

    Dangers of Dirty Gutters

    Apart from pulling gutters from the home, dirty gutters also direct water that falls atop the roof underneath the home, where tremendous foundation damage, basement leaks, cracked walls, and moisture damage occurs. These problems considerably damage the home, with costly repairs necessary to restore the house to pre-damage condition. MasterShield gutter guards prevent much of the worry homeowners have over gutter debris and buildup, preventing it from clogging the futters in the first place.

    Gutter Cleaning 101

    If it’s time to clear debris from the gutters, put aside some time in the afternoon or on the weekend for cleaning. Gutter cleaning requires nothing more than gloves, a garden hose, and a ladder, although some home layouts may cause a bit more complexity in cleaning than normal. Choose a safe, sturdy ladder or hire a professional to clean the gutters and install gutter guards.

    Gutter Guards Offer Best Clog Prevention

    Preventing clogs before they happen is the best line of defense against damages to your home. Installing gutter guards is a small investment that pays for itself in no time. After installing gutter guards, homeowners save time and money since there is a reduced risk of damage to the home’s gutters.

    Unmaintained Gutter Damage

    It is easier to maintain the gutters now than deal with the repercussions later. Unmaintained gutters may cause extensive damage to the home and the roof.

    Foundation Damage:

    One of the biggest problems with clogged gutters is foundation damage. When clogged gutters flow underneath the home, the water erodes the foundation around the home, resulting in damage.

    Basement Flooding:

    When more water sits at the home base, there is an increased risk of watering entering the basement. Prevent this problem, and reduce mold and mildew risks and prevent damage to the walls.


    Clogged gutter provides mosquitos with the perfect breeding ground since they’re attracted to stagnant water. If you see mosquitos around the home, it’s probably time to clean the gutters. Be sure to remove any other sources of standing water, such as kiddie pools, sandbox covers, etc., while you’re at it.

    If you’re ready to protect your home, roof, and gutters from damage, give us a call to learn more about the superb protection our gutter guards offer; this is the protection that every homeowner needs and deserves. And, it may be more affordable to install gutter guards than you realize.

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