3 Safety Rules for Handling Firearms

Carrying firearms frees an individual from the fear of dangerous situations that might have to be encountered in life. But with its ownership comes great responsibility. Firearms are dangerous and can lead to serious injuries and at worst death if not handled appropriately. So, anyone handling firearms should consider ‘safety’ as the prime consideration.

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As an owner, the firearms are your responsibility at all times. Hence, you should be ready to undertake the accountability for its security and safe-handling. Firearm education is paramount, whether you carry them for your defense or as a part of your profession. Awareness of safety guidelines is crucial from one to all.

Every gun owner – a first timer or an old pro looking to brush up the firearm handling skills should remember the following rules of gun safety to minimize the chances of accidents.

Always treat your firearm in a way as if it is loaded

All guns and firearms should be treated as loaded ones, whether they are or not in actuality. Building up a mindset like this would save you from uncertain accidents and injuries. Never believe a person handing you over the gun and telling you it is not loaded. While accepting the gun consider it as loaded and double-check by opening up its lock chamber. For checking the revolver, open the cylinder and remove any rounds. Remember – a firearm isn’t a play toy that can be taken carelessly. Even a slightest negligence on your part can injure or kill somebody, landing you up in the regretful zone throughout your life.

Always keep the muzzle pointed in the right direction

A firearm, even if loaded doesn’t pose any danger to anyone if it is lying in the corner of your house or resting on the table. The whole apprehension comes in only when it is handled by someone. So, whether you are in practice range or in your daily carry, make sure you handle the firearm precisely pointing it towards the safest direction. The muzzle of a firearm should always be pointed towards the right target and never cover anything that you are not willing to destroy. It should be noted that there are no accidents, there is only negligence. Practicing with an empty gun is a good habit and highly recommended by the expert shooters.

Always keep your finger off the trigger until you set your target

Another important rule while picking or holding the gun is to place the trigger finger i.e. the index finger straight along the side of the gun frame. Since the hand functions as a unit, it naturally moves into the trigger guard. But allowing your finger to rest inside the trigger guard while setting on your target is a very unconscious step. There might be stressful situations or unexpected movements which to your surprise could result in the negligent shoot. So, make sure you settle your finger on the trigger only when you are ready to shoot.

Last but not least, make sure you undertake a firearm safety course to learn the safe handling, usage, and storage of the firearms.


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