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    Things to check before hiring an wooden flooring expert for your home

    John is thinking of building a house. He is very much concerned with the design of the house as well as the flooring. He likes solid flooring with hardwood, but he is uneasy about choosing an expert contractor.

    If you’re also planning to do your flooring with hardwood similar to John’s, then this article might be helpful to you.


    Flooring your house with hardwood is an excellent choice. There are numerous styles with unlimited colors to choose from so that you create a great fashion statement. However, it is essential that you hire an expert because ithe flooring significantly impacts your house and how others perceive it.

    Here are some of the things to check when hiring a wooden flooring expert.


    This is crucial when choosing a wooden flooring company. An excellent wooden flooring expert can make a big difference. To find the best one, you can either search online or ask your friends. One thing that can help you is to search for them online by visiting their website and checking the types of installations they’ve done in the past. Another thing to keep in mind is their reputation.

    Review the company’s references

    After you know their job and how they do it, the next thing to check is customer testimonials. If you can reach the past customers who hired them and ask them for their experience with the expert, it would be easier for you. Some questions you can ask are:

    1. Was the company good at what they do?
    2. Did they complete everything on time?
    3. Did they work on reasonable rates?
    4. Are you satisfied with their work?

    To make sure you are hiring a legit expert, don’t forget to check their documents, such as licenses and insurance.

    Timber Species

    Choosing the proper timber is very important. There are many choices to go for, like parquet and solid hardwood. Some types of flooring don’t need a subfloor, while in others, it is required. Ask the contractor for the variety of timber species offered by their company and select the one that would be most suitable for your environment and climate. The timber species should blend with the environment. It should look authentic and attractive to break the monotony.

    Get a detailed quote of everything on paper

    Here, signing the contract comes into place. Prepare a legally binding agreement that shows the details about the entire project. The information may include the scope of work, cost of the installation work, and deadlines for completion.

    Take precautions

    The wood, when not properly handled, can create health hazards for the community. The company should take the entire responsibility to take sufficient precautions while sawing, sanding, and giving the finish. Please take note of all the protection they would take while handling organic solvents such as epoxies. The dust and other toxic fumes must be adequately contained and cleaned by the end of the working day.

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