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    Wooden floors do not have to be all boring and dingy. A wooden floor can either make your space look absolutely awe-worthy or just awful. Nothing beats a nice, polished and shiny hardwood floor. It adds a sense of grandeur to the whole setting. However, if not taken proper care of, a hardwood floor can cause you great trouble. Apart from insufficient care, another factor that could lead to the deterioration of your hardwood floor is time. Time can be the cause and carrier of many things that hamper the beauty of your hardwood floor. To beat that and keep your hardwood floor secure, you must indulge in a hardwood floor refinishing project to transform your old and ugly wooden floor.



    Researching beforehand always helps as it gives you a basic idea about anything. You do not have to go out of your way and become a total expert in the matter of hardwood flooring. But it will be considered a wise decision if you learn enough to correctly evaluate your contractor before, during, and after the job. After doing your research, you will determine which contractor will be best suited for the job. Developing an eye for well-installed and properly maintained floors will make it easier to spot lesser attractive and lower quality ones.


    It is suggested that you interview at least three to five contractors to get an idea about the average service price. Also, remember that cost is not the only best measure of a good contractor. It would help if you made it your priority to examine the whole portfolio of each of your shortlisted contractor’s work.

    Write every important detail down in a contract. Interact with the contractor as much as you can to ensure that good planning is done as efficient communication will eventually lead to effective results. With proper understanding, the job will go more smoothly and will help you avoid any bad surprises.


    Get a quote before letting the job begin. Ask your contractor to provide a summary of the expected cost of the project. Make sure you are given a quote instead of an estimate and be sure to ask about what kinds of unexpected costs can crop up. Beware of any hidden or extra costs. Do not shy away from asking your contractor about the same.


    In a wood floor refinishing job, the contractor will usually remove all the doors opening into the room, pull up quarter round and base molding, and remove or drive all protruding nails into the floor. He will take up all floor-mounted heating vents, tape over electrical outlets and other jacks, cover ceiling fans, seal the room off from the rest of the house with plastic sheeting, and vacuum all grit and dirt from the surface. This will make your wooden floor looking and feeling like a brand new one.


    Another important thing to do is to make it a point to check whether the contractor you are hiring is properly insured and licensed or not. This step is essential because you would not want to end up with a fraud wooden refinishing contractor or a contractor who has in the past or is currently facing any legal trouble.


    Do not forget to take your time and inspect the details of your wooden floor once your refinishing contractor is done beautifying your wooden floor. Keep your eyes open for any shabby job or any areas which might have got left.

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