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    5 Reasons to Go Solar This Year

    We stand at a precipice as a species. We can either continue to destroy this planet and feel the wrath of climate change or take small individual actions to correct our imbalance with the natural world.

    One of the best individual actions you can make to combat climate change is to go solar. Solar energy is one of the most eco-friendly options for producing electricity.


    Solar power is 100% renewable, and it has the potential to fulfill all of your home or business’s electricity needs. Read on to find out the 5 benefits of going solar.

    1. You Will Help Save the Environment

    Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas form the basis of much of our world’s power production. Unfortunately, burning these substances is terrible for the environment.

    There is also a finite supply of them, meaning that these raw materials will run out one day. By switching to solar, you will help reduce the use of fossil fuels. This will lower greenhouse gas production and help abate climate change.

    2. You Will Save Money if You Go Solar

    Saving the environment is great, and all but the fact of the matter is that finding the cheapest option for your power production is important. The good news is that you will save money by switching to solar.

    Solar panel installation costs are paid back at no time with the amount of money you will save on your power bill. Some states even let you sell excess electricity back to the grid or bank energy credits for later use.

    3. Solar Keeps You Resilient

    Being able to take care of yourself and maintain a decent standard of living no matter what happens is very important nowadays.

    In total grid failure or unforeseen events, solar panels will continue to provide your home with electricity. This allows you to live an off-the-grid lifestyle and maintain independence from the system.

    4. There Are Tax Benefits

    There are many different forms of state and federal tax benefits to going solar. Some subsidize the cost of installation, while others may do much more.

    Either way, if you are looking to save money on your taxes this year, going solar can help you do that.

    5. The Process Is Easy

    Going solar has never been easier. All you need to do is decide between the many options of solar panel companies and give one a call. An excellent choice for the Atlanta, Georgia, area is Blue Raven Solar.

    You can check them out on their website with this link: https://blueravensolar.com/georgia/atlanta/. Once you have made your choice in a company, they will give you an estimate.

    You will schedule an appointment, and they will prepare your home for installation and install the system on that same day. They will troubleshoot it for you, and you will be good to go!

    You can get solar installed on the weekend and start producing power by the next workweek. It’s that easy.

    Make the Right Choice

    Making the right choice for your wallet and the environment means going solar. Start being part of the solution and gain all of the benefits of these 5 reasons to go solar.

    Go solar today and do your part for the effort against climate change. You can check out other great articles like this one by visiting our website.

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