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    Gunship Sequel Wars 2

    As one of the most innovative and popular application developers, Gunship Studio has created Gunship  Sequel Wars 2. This application is a remake of the famous gunship combat game developed in the 1970s. It pitted the player against waves of enemy ships and zoomed them across the screen using a sophisticated gun. The player had to direct his shot at the ships’ vulnerable areas using the mouse. There were no other options available other than boarding or leaving without firing your weapon. For some players who have experienced the original game, this is not a bad change.

    Gunship Sequel Wars 2

    In the second version, the player can engage in space dogfights with enemy ships that ram and fire cannons around your ship. To win, your cannon must destroy the largest number of targets. These include enemy vessels, spaceships, mines, zeppelins, enemy soldiers, friendly troops, and the mother ship themselves. The player earns points for each successfully shot down and bonus points if they successfully destroy any enemy mother ship.

    The new version, Gunship Wars 2: Nations at War, introduces a new strategic element, and the entire scenario is turned to be more action-packed and fast-paced. The player must use their strategic thinking skill to decide what strategy will work best in their situation and practice this thought throughout the app’s entire course. A player can upgrade their ship from humble beginnings to better weaponry like the Goliath with a larger cannon. There are also many other additions to the app, such as historical replicas and research material used to gain an edge over the other players. The games can be easily accessed via Wi-Fi, and the Android OS provides a very responsive user interface.

    The app’s basic controls are quite simple and intuitive, but some advanced tactics like aiming at enemy vessels require a lot of coordination from the player’s side. In some cases, this coordination comes in using special attacks, destroying enemy ships, or reinforcing your own ship with new weapons. The maps are visually rich with lots of colors and a variety of effects. The games are available in iPhone and iPad versions, and players can battle head-to-head using the same devices.

    One of the special features that this game has is the in-built tutorials. These offer a player the opportunity to get acquainted with the basics of playing Gunship War, including controlling the various aspects of their ship through the mouse. The tutorials further teach the player about managing their crew, the map, and the various strategies to fight against opponents. There are also special tips that help in winning battles and completing the various quests.

    The actual gameplay involves the player using a powerful multiplayer browser known as the Mumble browser to communicate with their friends and other players within the shortest time possible. The Gunship Wars 2 Facebook group is one of the most popular Facebook groups, with over 25 million members. This allows players to interact with their old friends, ask questions, and share ideas on the game. The group provides updated content regularly, such as new information on each season’s events. The social aspect really makes the game so exciting and allows a player’s social networks to grow quite quickly with time spent playing this exciting online game.

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