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    5 Tips to Become a Great Dancer

    Becoming a great dancer is not only about learning the dance moves and imitating them like a copycat. In fact, it is about paying attention to how you can improve each time and start inspiring people who are watching you dance.

    The best advice that came from a well-renowned dance instructor was that one should establish a true and pure connection with the song and the story one wants to convey through dancing.

    So, if you are a brooding dancer and want to become a great one, then keep reading further –

    I love it, enjoy it

    Everything in this world can become monotonous and tiring if heart and passion are not put into it. Especially in the case of dancing, you have to love every aspect of it from your inner core as there might be situations when you are unable to make certain moves, which may affect your confidence level.

    So, make sure you don’t over-expect yourself and get into loving the whole process of learning and enjoying your failures too.

    Don’t let your clothes rule you.

    Unless you are not performing on a stage, you can wear anything and everything in your dance class. There aren’t any rules of dressing while you dance except one that one should wear a comfortable clothing piece.

    Moreover, there might be situations where you have to comply with certain dress codes for the stage but let your clothes don’t define you.

    Do regular stretching

    This is one of the most valuable aspects of dancing that even the best dancers pay attention to. Doing stretching exercises regularly helps in making your body a lot more flexible. And a person having greater body flexibility can adapt to even the most difficult dance moves easily.

    Flexibility is important if you want to make every move of yours effortless and smooth.

    Be your own critic

    The passionate dancers are their own critics. They don’t wait for their teachers to give feedback and improve them. They keep practicing in front of a mirror and watch what they are doing compared to what they are being taught.

    By keeping a strict observation on the moves, a dancer keeps getting better with each passing day.

    Find a dance instructor.

    Nowadays, the internet is full of dance tutorials, but trust me, nothing can beat the importance of a live dance instructor teaching you in person and working with you regularly. A dance teacher not only teaches new dance techniques but also corrects the mistakes right away.

    You must find such a person and join dance classes to learn and improve. Make sure you choose a qualified dancer who can teach your specific dance style and help you in your journey of becoming a great dancer.

    However, if you have been taking a few lessons for quite a long time now and don’t see any improvement in yourself, then you should probably consider looking around for another instructor.

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