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    Bounce houses can be placed anywhere to charge up your child’s party. There are Backyard bounce houses as well as indoor bounce park venues. These inflatable jumping structures are prevalent among children and are the key element of their party. These bouncy castles can be hired on rent, and they tend to keep children busy for a long time. If you plan to throw a bounce house party, then here are a few tips that will help you throw a party safely.



    The most important thing is first to understand the theme of your child’s party and choose a bouncy castle accordingly. There are various types of bouncy castle themes available such as princess, medieval, waterslide, clown themes, etc. choose that castle that fits your style.


    If you have rented a child bouncy castle, you must keep adults and teens away from such castles. This should be done because a child’s bouncy castle is made up of thinner material than an adult’s bouncy castle. Ensure to read the labels properly that tell you which bouncy castle is suitable for whom. The size and shape of the castle should also be kept in mind; you don’t want to puncture your castle with too many kids inside. Make sure to consider the age and number of users while renting a bouncy castle.


    It is important to determine how much space you can afford to spare for your bouncy castle. Will you place it in the backyard or someplace else? Talk to your rental company and make them aware of the number of guests so that they can estimate the space you will need to place your bouncy castle. It is wise to choose bouncy castles that are large in size but are compact enough. It would help if you also chalked out the operation of your bouncy castle. It is advisable to have a rotation whereby, e.g., children between 5-8 use the castle for 10 mins & then children between 9-12 use it for the next 10 minutes, and so on.


    You must adhere to the safety protocols of the bouncer rentals. One must keep the castle under adult supervision who looks after the various aspects of a bouncy castle, such as to make sure nobody goes near the walls of the castle or the sandbags are in place around the castle to maintain stability. It will also ensure that the castle doesn’t exceed the maximum number of children allowed.

    Furthermore, children often find bouncy castles as wrestling or Somersault ground; it is sensible to let users know that such acts can be dangerous. The responsible adult must prevent such acts from taking place. Also, take the number of your castle hirer at the beginning of your booking to get answers immediately to any safety questions. Even though these inflatable equipment are the main attraction of your party, but you must keep the dos and don’ts in mind. Keep these golden tips handy, and you will be able to prevent any potential accident from taking place.

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