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    House cleaning after a fire breakout can be very devastating and daunting. You have a roller coaster of emotions going in your head. Keeping aside the motions, you must clean your house carefully after fire damage. The most important thing is to ensure if your property is safe before going inside. Reenter the house and look for all your important documents, photos, and contents. Make sure to note everything that is damaged, even the ones that are slightly damaged. This will help you to brief the professional when you hire or call for some professional assistance immediately. Starting the cleanup process after a fire loss can be overwhelming, not to mention the array of emotions you’re undoubtedly going through, but that’s how this guide can help. Rebuilding a home from scratch is not easy, but the following tips will help you on your road to recovery.


    NO DIY

    After fire damage, you should never try to clean the whole house yourself. Firstly, you do not have the proper expertise and the right tools to handle a fire breakout situation. Secondly, to handle such a situation you need proper training and skills. If you still try to clean up walls, ceilings, or other “non-washable” surfaces, you will only make the situation worse by smearing.


    Soot is different in different cases; soot from wood will be different from soot from plastic. It is wise to let a professional handle a soot situation as you can’t wash oil-based (petroleum products such as plastics) from non-washable surfaces. If you cannot clean it well, you are likely to double the cost of cleaning. Therefore cleaning must be done with care, and you can paint later.


    Place furniture up to off the floor on small blocks of wood or other small hard, flat objects to lessen damage to the wood of the furniture legs. If there is water damage along with fire damage, then the National Institute of Restoration advises placing upholstered cushions at the end to dry more easily. Furthermore, it would be best to use a latex sponge to dry the first layers of the soot. A professional understands the need of the situation and can help you clean items well with the help of steam clean. Therefore, seek the help of a fire restoration service contractor.


    Those surfaces that are washable such as a kitchen counter can be cleaned easily. Yet, for more complex and deep cleaning, you must hire a fire restoration professional. They will help you to clean and restore your photo albums and other personal belongings. However, you must note that the insurance company never takes account of your emotions. Also, home restoration after a fire breakout takes time. You will have to be patient throughout as the crew goes over every square inch of your house.

    You must be very careful of the cleaning process; make sure not to your any electric gadget until and unless it is checked by a professional. Also, before hiring a fire restoration service contractor, don’t forget to check their certification. Read reviews and ask for referrals from friends and family to ensure that you can peacefully work with them. Remember, your home is one of the biggest investments that anyone will ever make. When you need to restore it after a disaster, you must work with the most qualified restoration contractor possible.

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