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    6 CIOs screen how IT leaders can add cost to commercial enterprise

    Long gone are the times while technology was just a part of the enterprise. Today, it has emerged as the backbone for organizations. With maximum CIOs grappling with expanded expectancies from the top control, it has grown imperative for them to stay updated with technical information and get a grip on the extraordinary SBUs (Strategic Business Units) feature.

    ETCIO spoke to six pinnacles CIOs to find out their thoughts on business and generation.

    Here’s what they had to say:

    Anand Thakur, CDO, Jubilant Foodworks

    “Revenue recognition! As a CDO and a tech architect, I am frequently tempted to build from scratch. However, the value of possibility should be considered while making this decision. One ought to always compare the construct vs. purchase alternatives with a sales impact in thoughts and make a choice for this reason.”

    Neeraj Goyal, Head of Technology, RBS India

    “CIOs have to study client centricity. It is crucial to focus on purchaser centricity to make sure the purchaser’s angle is kept above the entirety else. Only then have to CIOs go in advance with the design to simplify matters for clients.”

    Vineet Bhardwaj, Head-IT, Godrej Properties

    “Focus has to be on enterprise targets and how a concept will upload business fee. We need to preserve searching at technology; however, we also want to be tactical on the organization’s needs.

    It is important to understand that generation works as an enabler and no longer as a hurdle. The one thing that CIOs must understand is that generation helps enterprise, and it isn’t always the other way spherical. Keeping the middle business in mind, the entire technology has to be completely conscious of the requirement of the enterprise.”

    Vikalp Sahni, CTO, Goibibo


    “Businesses are pushed with the aid of middle KPIs and metrics, and often, era specialists lose sight of these metrics to drive innovation. And that is where the secret lies. Go lower back to the drafting board whenever you observe a new era or answer; assume if it facilitates you reach your pre-decided intention. To summarize, it’s now not about constructing an extraordinary answer or technology. Instead, it’s about investing in the proper era that solves your customers’ issues.”

    Natarajan Radhakrishnan, CIO, HGS

    “The one element that commercial enterprise teaches us to study the returns of positive funding. All IT decisions have to be subsidized using a business case and ROI analysis. Even era impimprovementojects should be supported by wayntifying commercial enterprise advantages — both pre and put-up initiatives. Also, there should be the capacity to change or shift gears quick whilst surely delivering a solution.”

    Rupesh Mehta, CTO, Reliance Health Insurance

    “Learning and knowledge the epicenter of enterprise surroundings have to be the point of interest. Understanding a business can be tough, thereby making it vital for a CIO to invest top time in know-how the technical elements of it. Having switched thru specific sectors, one issue that I actually have discovered in which you want to begin rolling the ball quickly is your interest and interest with a purpose to assist in quick adoption.”

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