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    Dumbbell Shrug: Features, Proper Form And Technique

    Standing dumbbell shrugs are classics of effective trapezius muscle exercises. Here the work is most concentrated and focused. It is worth noting that many beginners do not pay enough attention to the trapeze. But experienced athletes often show a desire to work on this muscle.

    Dumbbell Shrug

    Shrugs: benefits and features of the exercise

    If you want to target trapezius muscle properly, the shrug is the best option. With the correct technique for performing dumbbell shrugs, the exercise will help the process and make the necessary additions, often not enough during training. This option will suit both beginner athletes and experienced bodybuilders.

    It is known that trapezoids often get a load even in everyday life, but this is not enough for maximum growth. Since the lack of focused work negatively affects this process. Then absolutely all the attention goes to the side of the exercise shrugs with dumbbells, which are considered the first number for a similar pumping trapezoid.

    Shrugs with dumbbells standing is a simple shrug, but in this way, it is possible to attract almost all the upper back muscles to work. It is worth noting that work with shreds is very diverse. Each of their types is aimed at a specific type of muscle.

    Especially popular among athletes are shrugged with dumbbells sitting. This exercise has both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it is impossible to work with a lot of weight in this case, but the amplitude of movements compensates all this: here, it is much larger, and therefore it works better up the trapezoid.

    Shoulder shrugs: proper form and execution technique

    But it would help if you always remembered the rules. Failure to comply with the technique of performing darts with dumbbells leads to its inefficiency. All the details are best discussed with the trainer. He will help in many matters and will try to tell all the necessary things. But the basics are constant and important.

    When performing the correct shrugs with dumbbells, you need to monitor your back: it should maintain a straight position. When taking a dumbbell, the palms should look at the body, hands down. This is the starting position. Everything is done standing up.

    Then it would help if you raised your shoulders. The higher, the better. At the highest point, a short pause is made, and then you can already give up. Everything returns to its original position. Next, the planned number of repetitions is done.

    Thus, everything is performed and sitting. It should only be noted that when doing shrugs with dumbbells sitting, you need to choose medium-sized dumbbells and maintain a slow and measured pace. And it is necessary to linger at both the upper and lower points.

    It is worth noting that exercise has a wide variety. A person can choose the position (sitting or standing), the weight of the dumbbells. This is especially important when reading Anazole reviews, and it comes to the female gender. When performing shrugs with dumbbells for girls, the dumbbell’s weight should not exceed 5-10 kilograms.

    Dumbbell and barbell shrug: common mistakes

    If we take the big picture, of course, there are uniform rules for everyone. Please do not use your arms in the work; the exercise is not aimed at them. Also, you do not need to take your shoulders back, and it is better to work at lifting height – this increases efficiency.

    Of course, sometimes it seems that doing shrugs with dumbbells is simple, but in fact, it is not. For maximum effectiveness, you must adhere to the rules. Then you can count on the desired result.

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