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    Even as Centre plans investors summit in J&K

    Even because the Centre prepares to host a Global Investment Summit in Jammu and Kashmir after the revocation of Article 370 provisions, several commercial enterprise leaders in the Valley continue to be in detention.

    According to a document by way of the Indian Express, at least 8 business leaders hailing from the Kashmir Valley were detained.

    These leaders include Mubeen Shah (63), the previous chairman of J&K Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Yaseen Khan (60), president of Kashmir Economic Alliance and Shakeel Qalandar (fifty-eight), former president of Federation of Chamber of Industries Kashmir.

    Shah and Khan had been detained in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, whilst Qalandar is in Srinagar, in line with the record.


    A member of the family of Shah advised the newspaper that he changed into arrested from his residence at 1 am on August 5. His circle of relatives has to see that left for New Delhi to be toward him.

    “The police stated there was no arrest warrant; however, it had orders to take him to the police station,” Shah’s spouse, Asifa, said.

    The businessman’s family stated that even though they’d sought visitation rights and the J&K Home Department had sent a letter to the Uttar Pradesh Police on August 28 to permit the meeting. Still, the prison governor had now not allowed the meet.

    Asifa advised the newspaper that they have been, however, allowed to offer garments, medicines, and articles of the day by day use. The family is now making ready office work for Shah’s release and could report a plea quickly, Asifa added.

    Shah is the leader govt of the Alson Group and the Kohimaran Group and belongs to one of Kashmir’s oldest enterprise families. According to the record, the family’s interests are in cars, cement, marble, and matches.

    The file states that the police knocked on Khan’s door at midnight on August four-5 and took him away without documentation. “We were advised that he is in Agra; however, we’ve now not been capable of meet him,” Khan’s spouse stated, including that their youngest son has been distressed ever seeing that Khan’s arrest and needed to be hospitalized.

    According to Khan’s own family, they had been informed that he might be launched after an afternoon. “It’s been nearly a month now; he did no longer actually have a trade of garments,” his wife stated.

    Qalandar, in the meantime, becomes taken from his home at 2 am on August five, according to his daughter, Samra. “My father and I had been following the news on TV whilst we heard a knock on the door. We had been absolutely shocked. He had never been detained earlier than,” she said.

    Qalandar had served on the C Rangarajan committee shaped by using former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to formulate a plan to create jobs in J&K. The businessman’s circle of relatives offers in furnishing and interiors, according to the record.

    Unlike Khan and Shah, Qalandar can meet his circle of relatives, the document states. “We have heard that they are probably released quickly, so we’re going to wait it out,” Ehtasham, Samra’s brother, said.

    Meanwhile, the J&K government spokesperson Rohit Kansal informed the newspaper that the kingdom is watching for an investment of Rs 10,000 crore from the summit.
    “When you are awaiting such excessive investments, we must prepare the floor and make preparations. So keeping that during thoughts, we’re reworking the dates, but as of now, it’s far on,” Kansal stated while talking about the possible trade of dates of the summit, which become originally scheduled to be held from October 12-14.

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