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 Everything One Should Know About Tamara Gustavson

Let’s start this article by looking at the number of zeroes found in a billion. A billion has a total of nine zeroes. That’s right, nine zeroes! And while some of us are struggling to make the bare ends meet together, the other half of the world owns the rest of it. Sour grapes, all the way.

And one such individual is Tamara Gustavson. An American billionaire, Tamara Gustavson, is touted as one of the richest people on the planet. If you want to be precise, the two hundred and eighty-fourth richest person. Which is quite a lot of money. So how did she get all of this? That’s the million, oops, sorry, billion-dollar question.

Tamara Gustavson

The Papa-Duck

Let’s backtrack a little and look at her father, shall we? Mr. Bradley Wayne Hughes. This gentleman was the chairman and the proud founder of Public Storage. Born on 28th September 1933 in Gotebo, Oklahoma. Did we mention he is the founder of Public Storage? As the name suggests, Public Storage is the name of the company credited with being the largest company in the United States of America that delves into self-storage. This company, Public Storage, does business as a real estate investment trust or REIT if you would prefer.

Mr. Bradley Wayne Hughes launched his career by trying his luck in the real estate field in Los Angeles at the beginning of the 1970s. This was the start of the Public Storage that was brought into the picture in 1972. This now-worth to be multi-billion-dollar company once started as a single branch located in El Cajon in California. And they say the rest is history.

The company was quick to pick on the trail, expanding to include several other sites in a brief period, all across the country. Tamara Gustavson’s father was the co-CEO and president of the company for a whole decade and a year.

The PS Business Parks, Inc (PSB) was initially called the Public Storage Properties XI, Inc. This American billionaire had a whopping USD amounting to four point one billion dollars during his death (August 18, 2021). The cause of death was never revealed. Shush!

Public Storage Inc

As mentioned multiple times above, Public Storage Inc is a multi-billion dollar company. An international self-storage company is an American-based real estate investment trust, also known as REIT, Public Storage Inc. This company has its headquarters in Glendale, California.

The largest brand in services offering self-storage, Public Storage Inc, was launched in 1972 by Kenneth Volk Jr and Bradley Wayne Hughes. This company was the largest public-traded storage unit out of the four major existing ones in 2008. Whoohoo. Feather in the cap.

By 1989, a mere seventeen years after its launch, Public Storage Inc had grown to exponential ranges. This company now had a thousand locations. And right now, there are about two thousand and two hundred Public Storage self-storage locations in Canada, Europe, and the United States of America.

Initially beginning its journey as a private company, Public Storage Inc was quick to be re-structured as a publicly-traded unit dealing with REIT, in 1995. This year also saw the merging of Public Storage and Storage Equities, with the former retaining its name.

Public Storage did not stop there; it also acquired Shurgard Storage Center in 2006 for a whole price of five point five billion USD. Now, Shurgard Storage Centres is an individual traded entity with thirty-six point six percent of its equity tied with Public Storage.  Since Public Storage is owned and operated by real estate investors in the form of REIT, the company distributes approximately all or nearly all, close to ninety percent of its profit in the form of ROI, that is, return on investment.

Now, Onto the Daughter

Tamara Gustavson is the daughter of the billionaire mentioned above, Bradley Wayne Hughes. Tamara Gustavson currently holds the position of the largest shareholder, who holds a grand tidal of eleven percent of the company’s share.

This billionaire power-female graduated in 1983 from the Southern California University, earning a BS degree in public affairs.

A self-storage company now a multinational corporation, Tamara Gustanov has an estimated eight point one USD to her name as of 2022. Forbes named her one of the richest people alive.

Tamara Gustavson had joined her father’s firm back in 1983. She quickly rose to prominence, earning the title of vice president in 2003. However, she took a brief break due to her family affairs. Four years later saw her returning to the company as a member of the board, no less.

The year 2016 saw her with a four-point nine billion-dollar net worth, establishing her as the wealthiest person in Kentucky.

Sharing her father’s love for thoroughbred horse racing, she is also the owner of the Spendthrift Farm. this is a racehorse breeding farm that is the proud winner of the 2017 Preakness.

Who is She?

Tamara Gustavson is also a philanthropist who actively involves herself in charity and is seen donating to the HollyRod Foundation. An organization exclusively dedicated to research regarding autism, Parkinson’s, and other diseases.

Tamara Gustavson has been a director of the highly prestigious Public Storage Board ever since 2008. Additionally, Tamara has also been titled the position of the chairwoman of the trustee’s board for the American Homes 4 Rent. This position was offered to her in the May of 2019.

An heiress, by all means, Tamara Gustavson not only inherited her father’s wealth but his business knowledge and charisma.

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