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    How to Develop Clear Communication with your Renovation Contractor

    Establishing clear lines of communication is essential in all aspects of the business. Any ambiguity in conveying or listening can become a recipe for disaster.

    Talking about the home renovation industry, communication plays a crucial role in every phase of the project. As a client, you have to give desired inputs to the contractor, who will then evaluate your requirements and give you suggestions based on that.

    The people usually realize the power of establishing clear communication with the contractor when they encounter awful outcomes. Then they realize how they wasted money due to their bad planning and vague directions.

    Having said that, you, as the owner of the property, have to actively manage the process and explain to the contractor what you are expecting out of the project. Then, you have to remain in touch and oversee if the work is being carried out as communicated.


    If you are planning for renovation anytime soon, here are few tips to keep in mind to communicate with the contractor effectively –

    Explain your Needs

    As a client, you are well aware of your requirements and the kind of look you want to achieve through renovation. Due to this, you can envision the space and whole layout of the room better. But, this doesn’t mean your contractor can view it in the same way. Sometimes, explaining your needs isn’t sufficient for a renovation contractor to decide the best way out.

    You have to be more elaborative and tell the renovation contractor as to how you want to use the room. For instance, if you are planning a kitchen renovation, then depending upon the size of your family, the storage space would vary, and so does the design of the kitchen.

    Take Help of Pictures

    There is a huge difference between telling your requirements verbally and showing the exact pictures portraying such designs and layouts. Using pictures and diagrams available readily on the internet, you can have the exact look in your house.

    There are various websites and magazines that are dedicated to home improvement and show the most creative ideas for all types of houses. With the help of pictorial references, your contractor will get a clear idea, and there will be no scope for misunderstanding.

    Maintain a Journal

    Keeping everything noted down in a journal is a great practice. It is beneficial in the following ways:

    • You can have a detailed record of tasks to be carried out by the contractor along with its timelines
    • You can track the progress of your project and see what all is pending
    • You can jot down all your ideas and relevant questions that strike your mind any time of the day
    • You can remind yourself of upcoming deliverables as committed by the contractor and check if way
    • You can record the contact number of other vendors where the material is being sourced from for future use

    Maintaining a routine record in a journal gives way to crystal clear communication and a written record of who said what when to avoid any disputes later in the future.

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