Reasons to be anonymous online

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Most people that use internet wish to be seen by their friends, aquaintances on a regular basis in order to connect. However, there are some that wish to remain online, yet anonymous for reasons best known to them. Most people set up an anonynous blogs and continue to write while assuring anonymity and remain unknown.

There are always some positives and negatives for every activity. People who wish to be seen and recognized have their reasons and people who wish to remain anonymous have their own reasons for staying so.

Protects freedom of speech

internet is a great medium for people all over the world to express their ideas and views on any subject. However, there are always people who cross the line and trespass over the rights of other people.

Therefore, people who are very sensitive to their rights and are very touchy about what people say about them, prefer to remain anonymous. While staying anonymous, you have the choice to listen to other people or not or to react to other people’s expression or not.

Furthermore, if you stay online and make a habit of writing an anonymous blog you can voice your concerns about anything without people knowing your true identity.

Saves you from administerative and police harassment

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Staying unknown and writing an anonymous blog is a blessing in disguise because there are always some issues against goverenment policies that need to be voiced. In case you have expressed anything that the administration does not likes, there is every possibility that you may be harassed by the local police or adminiterative officers. Therefore, if you are anonymous online, there is a little chance that police will come to know about you.

Protects you from outside threats

At times there are hot issues on the internet for which you express your views. Some people who are directly concerned may not like your words and give you threats through their local goons or use police for that. However, if you are unknown and writing in this totally anonymous blog, they will never be able to know about your identity and you will be able to express your views to the world.

Allows data security

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When you express with this anonymous blog you stay completely unknown to public. Hackers look for online accounts that have a name and its details to breach so that its information can be sold to people for an amount of money. However, if you are anonymous, hackers will never hack your account and you can enjoy all the facilities of internet without being concerned about data security.

Discussions without prejudice

When you are online and a part of some group or chat forum, discussions happen on a regular basis on everyday topics. All active group members and sometimes sleeping members as well contribute towards the discussion in their own way by expressing their views and ideas. However, if your identity is known to all members, there can be a bias against you for any of your view or a view that you may support.

But if you are anonymous and your identity is unknown to all members, you can discuss the matter with everyone without any prejudice or preconcieved notion.

Allows you to be yourself

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If you decide to stay unknown online and write your views through an anonymous blog, it can help you be yourself. Since no body knows you because you have not shared your personal details, you can openly discuss your personal and monetary problems with other people. You don’t need to be afraid that you will be uncovered in front of people or people around you will know your inside story.

Saves you from embaressment

There are times when you wish to ask questions or doubts from other people but cannot risk disclosing your identity as it may cause embarassment to you or people connected to you directly or indirectly.

Therefore, when you ask the same question with your name and identity, it may have a different feeling as compared to when you ask the same question without name and identity. For example – you are a good student but you have a doubt regarding a very logic and wish to clearify it with your teacher. If you ask your teacher directly, you risk the loss of face in front of teacher, while if you ask the same question in a forum in which you and your teacher are a member and you are anonymous, you can ask it very safely and get the answer too.

Source of income

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When you keep your identity undisclosed and write anonymous blogs under some pseudo name, you not only fulfill your passion for writing on the internet or sharing your views with the world but you also develop a regular and a very handsome source of income.

There are hundreds of companies online that are ready to pay very well to people who can promote their business online. When you start writing blogs online, you get several offers that pay you very well for doing very little.

Some companies ask you to write a blog about their products in some trade magazine, some will ask you to write in some newspaper and some will ask you to write blogs online for online customers.

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