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    Tips to Hire a Waterproofing Professional

    Waterproofing your deck, roof, or basement can be a tricky business. You need to hire a professional who has a thorough regarding different materials and has some prior experience. While there are thousands of such professionals out there, you need to hire someone on whom you can rely. Here are a few tips for selecting the best waterproofing professional for your home.


    1. References: Make sure you ask him for references. You might want to talk to his previous clients and gauge a little about his work. A confident waterproofing professional wouldn’t hesitate to give at least 2 to 3 references. If he does seem reluctant, maybe you should consider hiring another professional.
    2. Credentials: Another vital factor to consider while hiring a professional to waterproof your house. Make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured by the state. You must look at those papers yourself, and you might also want to get them verified.
    3. Materials: Do a little research yourself about the various materials available in the market and the best suited to you. Ask your contractor for some sample material that he plans to use. Discuss why that material is best suited for your home. Also, make sure some warranty on that material is in place.
    4. Budget: Well, this is the first thing you must discuss. Get a detailed estimate of the cost to be incurred and the services included in it. You might also want to make a copy of this estimate to compare it with the final bill.
    5. Ask as many questions as Don’t feel shy or afraid to ask questions. The more you ask, the better you will be able to get the desired output. If you don’t understand a thing, ask the contractor for details. A sincere professional would not hesitate to divulge such details.
    6. Never agree to large deposits: Be wary of contractors that ask for large and hefty deposits at the beginning of the project. Usually, you need to deposit 10-15% of the total estimated cost of the project. Unless a reason is specified, no contractor must ask for a deposit of more than 20% of the cost.
    7. Certifications: Not all contractors can do waterproofing as an expert in that line. Waterproofing needs expertise that only a certified contractor would have. Therefore, you must go for a contractor who is certified and has some experience in such projects.
    8. Get multiple quotes: While selecting a waterproofing professional, you must always get quotes from various firms and contractors. You must never hurry into making such decisions. This will also enable you to negotiate better with the chosen contractor.
    9. Warranty and Guarantee: Always try and get a warranty over a guarantee. While a guarantee is an assurance, a warranty means you’re entitled to a replacement or a refund if something doesn’t hold up.
    10. Beware fraudulent contractors: Stay clear of the tactics and tricks used by some contractors. If the professional is pressuring or pestering you to hire them immediately, you must want to rethink. Give it a thought and then take any decision. Never hurry.

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