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    What Are the Steps To Selling a House?

    Did you know that only 7% of buyers choose to purchase a home from the owner? The fastest way to sell a house and vice versa are to have an agent by your side. However, there are plenty of house selling tips to learn from.

    Read on to learn about the general steps to selling a house.


    Choose an Agent

    The first step to selling your home is choosing a listing agent in it for your best interests. You can interview different agents before making a final decision on who you hire. Those with the most experience are going to guide you through the home selling process smoothly.

    Be sure to get information about the partnering agreement, such as agent fees and the length of time the home will be listed. Be aware that most agreements require you to pay the buyer’s agent commissions.

    Know Your Home’s Worth

    If you don’t know your home’s worth, it is essential to figure it out before listing your home. If you overprice your house, you won’t sell your home fast. Check a comparative market analysis in your area to see how much sold homes went for.

    Clean and Declutter

    The process of selling a house involves improving it so that it is attractive to multiple buyers. To do this, you need to clean and declutter to get your home ready for a showing. Professional stagers can help you appeal to buyers by using the furniture you already own.

    Along with cleaning and decluttering, you should make any repairs before listing your home. A seller inspection will identify any problem areas that will make it hard for your home to sell. While you show the house, you may want to find a temporary home for pets if you have them.

    Market the Home

    There will be selling points of your home that an agent can convey when you put your home on the market. An agent can do this process independently, but it is up to you to approve it.

    Along with showing your home physically, you can provide a virtual tour. Hire a virtual tour company to take pictures for you and set it up.

    Receive Offers

    If you have a good agent, you are bound to receive multiple offers. If an offer is too low for your liking, try to negotiate it by making a counteroffer. If you have a competitive price, consider making a full-price counter offer.

    Once your home gets sold, your agent will open escrow, then order a title policy. The closing agent will have this information set for you.

    Steps To Selling a House Explained

    After finding the perfect agent, the steps to selling a house should be easy! The last step to selling a home is to set your closing appointment, sign the necessary paperwork, and say goodbye to your former home. If you are looking to sell your home, these steps can help you through the process.

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